Five Effective Ways To Improve Eyesight

Effective Ways To Improve Eyesight

Eyesight is a precious thing. Being able to see the world is a blessing. The eyes are the most important sensory organs that help you experience and develop senses and feel without touch. That’s why you must protect them.

Of course, age, genetics, and electronics affect your eyesight, but the foods you choose to eat can help by preventing photo damage and keeping your retina and cornea healthy.

Five Effective Ways To Improve Eyesight

In this article, we list the foods that you MUST include in your diet to protect your eyesight. Swipe up!

1) Carrots

Carrots are gorgeous and wholesome vegetables. They are very versatile and impart an amazing color to any dish. They are loaded with beta-carotene, an antioxidant and a precursor of vitamin A.

Scientists have found that consuming carrots improves night vision in people and can prevent deterioration of eyesight.

Carrots also help prevent oxidative damage and inflammation – the two major causes of eyesight problems.

2) Eggs

Eggs are loaded with essential amino acids and both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. The egg yolk, though a little high incholesterol, is a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin, which impart the yellow color to it.

Consume one or two whole eggs to keep your eyes healthy. Boiled, poached, or soft-boiled eggs are best and can be added to other foods to enhance their taste.


3) Milk and Yoghurt

Milk and yogurt are great for improving eye health. Apart from calcium and phosphorus, they are loaded with zinc and vitamin A.

Vitamin A helps protect the cornea, and zinc helps transport vitamin A to the eyes from the liver. Zinc also helps with night vision and prevents cataract.

You can drink grass-fed milk in the morning or at night before going to bed. Have yogurt after lunch or as a snack.

4) Nuts (Groundnut, Walnut, Kolanut)

Nuts are a great source of healthy fats and vitamin E, which helps reduce inflammation. Research has also confirmed that consuming nuts rich in vitamin E can help prevent age-related cataract formation.

You must have a handful of mixed nuts every day to help improve and protect your vision. However, be careful with these small bundles of joy as you can easily go overboard with them.


5) Grains (Corns, Rice, Oats)

Whole grains are a great source of dietary fiber, photo nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Zinc and vitamin E are the two main eye health-promoting nutrients present in them. These help protect the eyes from oxidative damage and inflammation.

Consume quinoa, whole lentils, oats, and brown rice to boost eye health.




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